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The Assembly Monster lives!

If you're interested in playing, add your name to the initial players list

This is the wiki for Assembly Monster, a shared Factorio server for the tildeverse.

Join us on the #factorio channel on tilde chat, as well as the factorio channel on the tildeverse mumble server:

To help encourage work/life/play balance and mitigate FOMO, as well as concentrate concurrent user time, the server will only be operational on weekends from Fridays at 6 PM US Eastern Time to Mondays at 3 AM US Eastern Time.

We will be launching the weekend of October 11, 2019! Visit the Launch page to learn more. We need to, at the least, agree on initial map settings before that happens.

Also, be sure to spread the word to your friends that would like to play, just remember the golden rule: "no drama" (and "Don't hack the Gibson"). You can point friends to this wiki, or the assembly monster homepage.

We're just getting started and set up here, but feel free to edit the wiki with any proposed code of conduct, in-game build ideas, documentation about stuff that has happened or anything else you can think of.